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Residential Dog Waste Cleanup Services in the Twin Cities

Take the hassle out of cleaning up after your pets with Dr. Poolittle. Our company offers homeowners simple and convenient residential dog waste cleanup services in the Twin Cities to keep your property free of pet waste.

Our services save you time and hassle and promote a cleaner and healthier environment for you, your family, and your beloved pets. With our experience and equipment, our team can help you maintain a clean and pleasant outdoor space all year round.

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Happy Dog in the Park or Garden

Spring Cleanup

In addition to our residential dog waste cleanup services, we offer a spring cleanup service for folks with long stretches between cleanups. If it has been three months since the last cleanup, prices begin at $149 and $35 for each additional dog for the first cleanup. This service entitles you to a thorough cleanup during the messiest time of the year.

We do not provide a one-time cleanup. To get our spring cleanup service, customers must pay for two months of service in advance while receiving 10% off. A two-month plan is ideal because it gets you through the messiest time of the year at a great price! After the first two months of service, you can continue the service with monthly invoices or stop the service as you desire.

Learn More About Our Pet Waste Cleanup Services

For more information about our residential dog waste cleanup services, contact us using the online form. Our friendly support staff is here to provide you with the necessary details. Should you require commercial cleanup services, we are also ready to help. We look forward to serving you soon.